EscapiaNet API PHP 5 Library

EscapiaNet API PHP 5 Library

The EscapiaNet API allows partners of EscapiaNet to download unit information, submit inquiries to unit owners, place bookings and look up reservations.

Our PHP 5 library provides easy access to this API with native function call and a well documented interface.


Methods Implemented

Our library implements all methods in the EscapiaNet library, including:

All functionality is well-documented, with PhpDoc-style commenting on all PHP classes, a test-suite of sample scripts to help you get going, and a user guide to help you program with the API.

Licensing & Pricing

We offer the PHP library on flexible and negotiable non-exclusive license, depending on your requirements. You have full access to the source code and can make any additions or changes as required.

You can purchase the library for $500 USD (plus tax if in Australia), which entitles you to one month of email support and life-time updates. Additionally, you can submit bugs or feature requests at any time which you will have full access to once implemented.

You can buy the library using PayPal. We will email you the code once payment is confirmed.

Contact Us

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

Sample Code

Programming with our PHP 5 library is simple with over 35 bundled classes. For instance, to query if a unit is available for a given period and number of guests, you could use code similar to the following:

    // load required classes

    // set log-in credentials
    EscapiaNet_Manager::SetCredentials($username, $password);

    // create a new query object for given unit
    $query = new EscapiaNet_Bookings_Query($unitCode);

    // set the check-in and check-out dates
    $query->setStayRange('2009-06-15', '2009-06-18');

    // add two adult guests to query
    $query->addGuest(EscapiaNet_Data::GUEST_ADULT, 2);

    // run the query
    $response = $query->run();

    // now you can use the response

    if (!$response->hasError()) {
        // retrieve unit stay details
        $unitStay = $response->getUnitStay();

        // now you can use the unit stay data to retrieve booking rates,
        // cancellation policy, optional insurance details and anything
        // else associated with the stay

In this particular example, once you have the unit stay details you can then proceed to place a booking and get details of a reservation.